From a Desire to do Good…

SAFE-TEC® Clinical Products LLC was founded by William Kendrick Sr. and Charles Coleman, Ph.D. in 1988 with one idea in mind: to make blood handling safe.  Since the Plasmapheresis Industry’s inception, glass capillary tubes were manually sealed with clay and then scored and snapped to release the sample.  Throughout the process these glass tubes would frequently break, causing shards of glass to penetrate the skin of healthcare workers and spread disease unnecessarily.  It was an altogether imperfect practice and most certainly hazardous to all directly involved.

From this inconvenient truth the idea for SAFECAP® and SAFEPETTE® was born.  Through its sale and distribution, SAFECAP® successfully revolutionized the Plasmapheresis Industry and aided in curtailing the spread of HIV/AIDS as well as many other blood borne pathogens.

With the passage of time a new opportunity presented itself in the form of the Point of Care Sector of the In Vitro Diagnostics Industry. In proverbial eureka fashion Mr. Kendrick surmised the design of a new device capable of providing safe blood collection and dispensing at the point of care in 1996.  The product was named MICROSAFE® and through its wide spread use throughout the globe, accurate diagnosis and curtailing the spread of disease can now be accomplished more efficiently.

Sadly, Mr. Kendrick passed away in 2006.  But his spirit lives on in SAFE-TEC®.  From humble beginnings, SAFE-TEC® has become a global organization well known and respected for providing the best products and services to the Health Care Industry.  Our team is comprised of the highest caliber individuals dedicated to continuing this rich tradition of keeping blood collection safe for our customers, their employees and the end user alike.

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