SAFEPETTE® Instructions

Place the protective sheath onto the dispenser by pressing and twisting the cylindrical sheath onto the dispenser end, until it is nearly flush with the black ejector ring.

To load SAFECAP® into SAFEPETTE®, pull back on the black ejector ring while holding the capillary tube between your thumb and forefinger with the sealed end facing the dispenser. Gently push the tube into the dispenser. The dispenser will automatically grab the capillary tube and spring lock it into place.

Expel the desired volume of fluid by slowly depressing the plunger. Release the plunger when the operation is completed.

Eject the spent tube by aiming the capillary tube into an approved hazardous waste container. Grasp the black ejector ring with your thumb and index finger and pull back toward the plunger end of the dispenser. The spent tube will automatically eject for the dispenser. The dispenser is now ready to accept the next sample.

SAFEPETTE® Maintenance

Dispenser maintenance should be performed daily when the dispenser is in constant use , or immediately following the accidental tube breakage.

Remove the sheath by grasping the black ring of the dispenser with one hand while twisting and pulling the sheath in the other hand. Slide the black ring toward the plunger end to open the capillary tube locking mechanism. Gently tap the dispensing end onto a hard surface to remove any glass particles that may be lodged in the dispenser tip.

Wrap a tissue or gauze pad around the tip of the dispenser to contain overspray when lubricating. Insert one end of the red straw in the lubricant spray nozzle. Lubricate the dispenser by inserting the other end of the red straw into the tip of the dispenser and apply a quick squirt of aerosol CRC-56. Only a small amount is required.

Wipe excess lubricant from the exterior of the dispenser tip with the tissue or gauze pad. After lubricating the dispenser, rinse the sheath with warm tap water and remount it on the dispenser. No waiting is required before use.


If you are a direct customer of SAFE-TEC, the SAFEPETTE Dispenser is covered under the SAFE-TEC Refurbishment Program.

If the dispenser breaks and you are a direct customer, please send it back to us at:

SAFE-TEC Clinical Products LLC
142 Railroad Drive
Ivyland PA, 18974

If you require an RGA number, use the date. If our Repair Department can fix the dispenser it will be returned to you. In the event it cannot be fixed you will need to purchase a replacement.

The following conditions are indicators that your SAFEPETTE may need repair:
1. The blue teeth will not hold SAFECAP when it is inserted into the dispenser when in the open position
2. The blue teeth are worn or some are missing. Please note that because it is nearly impossible to see indications of wear with the naked eye, all SAFEPETTE returned for repair are given new teeth
3. The black nose piece with attached ejector ring is worn/cracked and does not hold the teeth tightly in place
4. The plunger wire is bent or loose and does not push SAFECAP's self-sealing plug straight, causing the entire SAFECAP to eject before dispensing the specimen
5. The entire plunger assembly does not operate in a smooth manner when pushed to dispense the specimen indicating there is an internal part broken
6. Any other visible bent, broken, cracked or missing parts
NOTE: In order to ensure good operating condition of your SAFEPETTE dispensers, follow the instruction sheet for cleaning and upkeep provided with each new dispenser. Maintenance is detailed on the second page. If a SAFECAP breaks in the tip of the dispenser ensure that all glass particles are removed before reuse.


About this Product


SAFEPETTE® works in conjunction with SAFECAP® to safely deliver serum samples.

Never again fear exposure to blood borne pathogens and glass fragments.

We minimize your exposure and mitigate your risk.

You handle the science. Let us handle the blood.





1 box with 1 Dispenser

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