• One-piece, single use, plastic capillary tube used for the collection and dispensing of micro samples of whole blood from a fingerstick

  • Fills automatically by capillary action 

  • Air vent regulates the preset volume (5 µl to 80 µl)

  • Perfect supplement to point of care test kits

  • Packaged in bags of 2,000 with an MOQ of 10,000

  • Custom packaging is available 

  • Individual users requiring smaller quantities please contact Alere Home Monitoring at 1-877-262-4669 

Volume (μl) Possible Test(s)
5 A1c, Malaria
10 Various Infectious Diseases
12 Hemoglobin
15 Triglyceride, Cholesterol, Prothrombin
20 IgE (Immunoglobulin)
25 Prothrombin, H. Pylori
30 Glucose
40 Ketone, Creatinine, HIV
50 ABO and Rh Blood Typing, HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, Allergies, H. Pylori
60 Mononucleosis
75 HIV
*Different companies test specifications may require different μl volume for the same test.

Using the MICROSAFE Tube

CAUTION! Filling is automatic: Never squeeze the tube while sampling.

Don't squeeze the bulb; MICROSAFE fills by capillary action.

Step 1: Hold the tube horizontally, and touch the tip of the MICROSAFE® Tube to the blood sample. Capillary action will automatically draw the sample to the air vent and it will stop.

Step 2: To expel the sample, align the tip of the tube with the sample target and squeeze the bulb.

If a sample won’t expel, you probably didn't allow for the tube to fill all the way. Touch the tip to the blood sample again and allow it to fill completely. Then align the tip with the sample target and squeeze the bulb.

Download MICROSOFT Information Sheet